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Consumer Affairs Tonga

This division started in January 2014 directly linked to the improvement of the quality of life for Tongan citizens and upholding of consumers rights and welfare. We are increasing public awareness of consumer rights through improved regulatory enforcement including :

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Tourism & Manufacturing Grants for Small Business and Community Development 2013/14

The Government of Tonga is pleased to invite applications for the newly established “Tourism and Manufacturing Grant” administered by the Ministry of Commerce, Tourism & Labour. The information below will assist in fulfilling requirements for your application.

Some forms can be viewed using MS Word. There are some documents in .pdf format. To view or print our forms in .pdf format you will require vewing software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you are experiencing problems downloading our .pdf forms, make sure you have updated your PDF reader to the latest version.

Application Form – English (Get the .doc version here) (Get the .pdf version here)

Application Form – Tongan (Get the .doc version here) (Get the .pdf version here)

Project Plan Template – English & Tongan (Get the .doc version here) (Get the .pdf version here)

Information Leaflet for the MTDG (English) (Tongan)